The tit and the moon : an obsession for the breast milk

Mathilda shows a lot, in tete's deams

If teenagers know her only for the recent advertising she did for the Philadelphia cheese, others may know that Mathilda May has received the Romy Schneider price in 1989 and still counts many admirers.

These people admire Mathilda probably as much for her various talents (actress, singer, writer, wife, committed), as for the great body she had in the 1980's and 1990's (bet she still has).

Her reputation in the US was mainly due to her nude scenes in the movie Lifeforce (playing the character of Isabella in The Jackal with Bruce Willis and Richard Gere has also helped apparently).

Among her admirers, I think we can count the movie director Bigas Luna. The film The Tit and the Moon convinced me of this anyway. Actually I do not know how the role has been allocated to her for this film, but I can easily imagine that the scenario was written with the backdrop of a thought (if not an obsession) for Mathilda.

It must be said that she is a central character. We'll come back to this point later.

For now, a bit of synopsis.

Tete (Biel Durán) is 9 years old. He is a little worried because his father (Abel Folk), whom he considers he is an animal, urges him - by barking like a dog - to be a good crown at the local festivals (the crown is the person at the top human pyramids made during these holiday seasons).
The repetition of the word "Corones" annoys particularly Tete.

But the crown and his own "corones", are not really what occupy the most Tete. He is mainly focused on the jealousy he feels for his little baby brother. The baby, he thinks, is drinking the whole milk coming from the breasts of their mother (Laura Mana).

Annoyed, Tete asks the moon to send him a breast, just for him. While Tete compares surrounding breasts according to the amount of milk he supposes they contain (something he determines by the shapes), then appears Estrellita (Mathilda May). He falls in love immediately and also falls into dreamlike milky delusions .

From this moment, the film relies heavily on the unbridled imagination of Tete and its misinterpretation often related to milk, of what he sees and hears.

Thus, the breasts of women are for him, full of milk. And men are the ones who fills them in the evening privacy.
Similarly, his father is an authoritarian Roman general. When his grandfather (kind of crazy man who Tete loves a lot) is angry, he breaks bottles of milk (when in reality the bottles are full of wine).

Beyond these scenes, the scenario is mainly based on the caricatured personalities of those around Tete:
- Estrellita : the fantasy dancer (she dances exclusively on "Words of Love" by Edith Piaf), who loves fragile men, farts and feet, whose body is put in the spotlight at multiple times.
- Maurice (Gérard Darmon), the boyfriend of Estrillta: a French itinerant "pétomane" (farting specialist) who has the misfortune to be unable to fullfill a Lady's physical needs (anecdote: Gerard Darmon and Mathilda May have lived 5 years together and had two children)
- Miquel (Miguel Poveda): "foreign" Adolescent (as he was born in Andalusia and is living in Catalan), in love with Estrellita, sings Flamenco every night near the mobile home in which Maurice and Estrellita live
- And to some extent, the father and mother of Tete, his grandfather and Stallone (Genís Sánchez)

This little world, and all incongruous situations that the viewer is confronted to, make from Tete y la Luna a sort of UFO movie.
Finally, this film could be considered - relatively speaking - as a precursor of Amelie Poulain.

Sex scene against a background of flamenco

In my opinion there are two striking scenes in their oddity displayed in this film.
There is one in which Estrillita (who eventually stopped to resist the advances of Miquel, touched by his plaintive love songs and sorrow when Stallone loses
life in a motorcycle accident) has sex with Miquel on a waterbed requesting him to sing loudly.

A squirt of milk for Tete

The second still surprises people who wonder how this kind of scene can be shot on the old continent. This is a session of remote breastfeeding of Tete by Estrellita. At his request, the beautiful Mathilda press her breast and squirts milk into the child's mouth (an image that reminds the iconography of Saint Bernard de Clairvaux, to be convinced, just have alook to the vision of St. Bernard by Alonso Cano in the Prado Museum in Madrid)

Fantasy or reality? To find out, you will have to watch the movie ...

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